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Unlimited backup. Protect your files, photos, music, videos, documents and sleep better for only $4.45/month.

Encrypted Data

Encrypted Data

Backup Online

Easy Restore

AltDrive backs up
your computer to
our datacenter.

You restore your files
anytime including
previous versions.

Secure AltDrive Datacenter

Your private security key prevents anyone, including AltDrive, from reading your files.

"My files are secure with AltDrive. No more
worries about viruses, crashes, fire or theft."

Leonard J., AltDrive Customer

Safeguard your files with AltDrive Home

AltDrive Home is the automatic, and secure way to protect your computers from disaster.

Every email, document, and
photo safe with AltDrive Biz ®

Whether it's business documents and financial
records or photos and music, AltDrive ensures
your digital life will be there when you need it.

AltDrive, the easiest and most secure online backup

  • Best security
  • Established 2005
  • Data center redundancy
  • Solid Business
  • Superb Support

Comprehensive Support

We provide video tutorials, a knowledgebase, FAQs, a blog, and live chat support. Phone support is also available for our business customers.

Get the support you need

  • Knowledgebase
  • Video Tutorials
  • FAQ
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Live Chat & Phone
AltDrive offers Internet backup for your business. Backup your servers and protect all your employees' laptop and desktop computers from a centrally managed portal.

Starting at $4.45/month (annual plan - 2 months free) for premium secure remote unlimited and super easy file backup and a 30 day free trial with no credit card required and no obligations, how can you not go for it? We support Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Secure and Offsite. Set and Forget. We Protect Your Digital Life.
AltDrive is the easiest backup service to use.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Large > 4GB File Support
  • Super High Strength Encryption
  • Backup On Demand or on Schedule
  • Works on Windows, OSX, Linux
  • Network Bandwidth Throttling
  • Restore Anytime
  • Finds New / Changed Files
  • File Versioning
  • Locate Computer
  • Efficient System Scan
  • Open/Locked File Support
Supported Operating Systems

Altdrive LLC, Computers - Disaster Recovery, Redmond, WA
AltDrive is located in a SSAE16 Type II Certified Facility
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Common Questions
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Why AltDrive Secure Online Backup?

If there is even a small chance something will happen, given enough time, it will. Yes... the White Sox will win the World Series one day... maybe in my lifetime. But I digress. You will lose data one day - guaranteed. Events, like earthquakes, fire, flood, the unruly teenager, or a computer virus, hard-drive crash, stolen laptop, or coffee spill, your PC will eventually lose your photos, music, videos, and important documents.

What If My Computer Is Stolen?

You can install the AltDrive software onto another computer and restore everything. We may be able to help recover the computer if the thief turns it on and we geolocate it for you.

I Have An External USB Hard Drive.

This is fine, and a good start, but we think that offsite encrypted storage is best. Do you back up your data regularly? Are you sure you're backing up your important files? Are your computer and external hard drive stored in the same place, making both susceptible to the same risks, like theft, and fire or flood damage? What if you go on a trip and leave the drive at home? You can't backup or restore files while you're gone. And what if you take it with you? You can lose both at the same time! A single (or even mirrored) external drive is not a reliable as AltDrive's professionally managed and highly available remote storage system. PS - We backup your external USB and fireware drives too.

Are you for real? Lots of services are going under.

This is where AltDrive is sitting pretty for the forseeable future. The scene is littered with companies who decided (or had) to stop offering online backup. AOL XDrive, Comcast Secure Backup, Hewlett Packard Upline, Symantec Backup Exec Cloud, Ubuntu One File Service, Iron Mountain (VFS, ASP), ZumoDrive, Nirvanix Cloud Storage and Waula to name a few. Others, like Mozy, stopped offering unlimited backup. Some are chincy on the default backup settings so that big files like videos are not backed up. At AltDrive, we doubled our capacity. We are, by design, very efficient. This didn't happen by chance... it was an essential aspect of the business plan to implement such an architecture. AltDrive is here for the long haul, debt free, even while the biggies are exiting the market.

How Does AltDrive Backup My Files?

You download and configure a small computer application that installs in a few clicks and doesn't require a credit card to start using it for 30 days. This Internet backup application automatically backs up your photos, music, videos, documents, and other irreplaceable files and compresses and securely encrypts them. Then it sends them over the Internet to the offsite AltDrive secure datacenter in Seattle, WA where they are professionally managed.

How Can You Backup Everything Online For Only $4.45 per Month?

Our storage system was developed with high efficiency and fault tolerance as key requirements. And, on average some people have a ton of data and others not very much, so it is 'even Steven'. There is a price break with the annual gold plan - $3.71/month (monthly basis). Similarly, if you sign up for the annual platinum plan, it is only $2.76/machine (monthly basis) for unlimited backup of three computers.

Is AltDrive a Synching or Sharing Service?

AltDrive Online Backup does not provide syncing or sharing features like Dropbox or Sugarsync. These are fine services, but we cannot recommend them for sensitive files because they have ongoing unresolved security issues.

I'm an advanced user and I already have a set of mirrored disk drives with Python scripts running with a cronjob to copy my files back and forth between my home and neighbor's machines and are in a datacenter I've built in my closet. Why would I need AltDrive?

It sounds like you're passionate about backup—and so are we. We still think you should try AltDrive's online backup because it's automatic, will save your data remotely, is hassle free, and is really inexpensive. Is is probably less expensive to use AltDrive than your home datacenter when you factor in the cost of power and time spent setting up and verifying your process.

I Can Hire a Company To Recover Data From a Broken Hard Drive. Right?

Companies charge thousands to recover your data with no guarantee that you'll recover anything from it. For $3.71 per month ($44.50 annual plan monthly basis).